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Monitor your trading over multiple markets and alts. Receive discord notifications when orders or contracts get filled. Update orders straight from your browser.

EVE-Mogul is a project started and maintained by Jeronica. It was started in early 2014 as an attempt to monitor and analyze market trading, at a time when there weren't many services available to do so. After the first iterations, it was made public and has been in operation ever since.

How it works

Market Trading

EVE-Mogul software uses ESI data to pull transaction, and other market data, to process. Using FIFI (First In First Out), buy transactions are stored as "Stock" while sell transactions consume stock to calculate profit. Using this profit data, we can analyze and show you top trades, profit graphs, item performance, and more.

Ingame Services

With the advent of Upwell Structures in the New Eden universe, EVE-Mogul saw an opportunity to start an ingame service in the form of market & industrial structures. With the formation of Mogul Financial, we were one of the first to anchor a market structure in EVE, and to this date are the longest standing market structure in The Forge. Starting with Fortizars then eventually Sotiyos, we offered discounted broker fees and better manufacturing bonuses compared to NPC stations and quickly became a household name in the trader & industrial circles.

Outside Investment & IPO

After the initial anchoring of the New Caldari Sotiyo, funded personally by Jeronica, we saw an opportunity to expand elsewhere. We made partnerships, raised money, then started to expand into Ashab as well as Botane. Offering bonused manufacturing, research and markets, we hope to cover all the requirements needed by our clients. We then brokered a deal, allowing us to offer public supercapital building in M-OEE8. All these expansions required further investment which prompted us to offer an IPO, that is now tradable on our internal stock exchange. Using the funds raised, we continue to offer an increasing amount of services to our clients.

A Brand You Can Trust

As the longest organization operating structures, we stand by our name to support all our clients. Shareholders and customers are our top priority, and we pride ourselves in working hard to maintain that relationship. Our board and staff are very approachable, and can be reached at any time via Discord.

EVE-Mogul offers multiple INGAME services, including structures that are viewable here: Structures Page

Bonused Industry

Using one of our multiple sotiyos, we offer bonused & rigged industry. With a proven track record of reliability, get the best building environment in highsec.


All of our refineries are max rigged - allowing you to get the optimal minerals from your ore.

The Hangar is where most of the features accessible are located. From this page you can view transactions, orders, lookup items, view portfolios, etc.

Hangar - Tools related to trading. It has following subsections:
transaction: all user transactions pulled by mogul through ESI
Stocks: user's Items bought or added manually on the website
Portfolios: Track price movements of baskets of goods organized in private or public portfolios
Price notifications: user created discord ping triggers for various item price points.

Buy and Sell LP easily, using our LP marketplace.


If you're selling LP, find buy offers for items right away. We make it super easy to liquidate your LP into ISK!


Buying LP items? Easily create orders for sellers to fill.

Mogul has many other tools available to you:

Exchange - Mogul Stock exchange
Leaderboards - Best mogul traders and their results
Blog - Video tutorials relating to various aspects of the website
tools - list of mogul structures and various structure tools


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